About me

Hi everyone!

I am happy to finally announce the English section of my blog.

In July 2016, one of my best friends and I started this adventure together by opening a blog. It combined our favorite hobbies:  sewing, crafting, & DIY for Marion; and baking for me.

After living in the US for a year, I now feel comfortable enough to write some of my posts in English.

Now,  I’d like to introduce myself more personally

My name is Anabelle. I was born in the North of France (very close to Belgium), and I am a food and pastry lover.  Cooking and baking are two of my favorite hobbies, along with swimming, exercising, and travelling.    In 2017, I started my PhD program at Iowa State University: probably the most challenging personal/professional project  of my life so far!!

Favorite color: black!  Some people find the color depressing, but for me black dresses are the best
Favorite animal: squirrels (so cute!), penguins, and giraffes.
Favorite dessert: tiramisu
Favorite season: spring
Favorite flower: Lily of the valley
Favorite destination: South America
I don’t like: chocolate with mint, junk food and horror movies

I hope you will enjoy my recipes, and please feel free to leave a comment below the post or send me an email at anabelleetmarion@gmail.com

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